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Bluetooth OBDII Connector

HMS 6005
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Product Description

Access the Conscience of Your Car
When you attach the OBDII Connector to your MINI or BMW, you have instant access to various outputs of your vehicle's computer.  The Connector is a simple and small piece that plugs into the port near your vehicle's footwell and forms a connection with your vehicle's computer system.  With this connection, you're able to:
  • Measure horsepower and torque
  • Scan and clear Check Engine Lights (CELs)
  • View customizable gauges
  • Data log
  • Measure fuel efficiency
  • View engine sensor data
  • and much, much more ...
All With Your Smartphone!
With bluetooth technology, your smartphone connects with your MINI or BMW OBDII Connector and gives you access to hundred of readings and gauges.  All you need to do is purchase an inexpensive app in your phone's market.  These apps are around $5 and allow you to customize gauges on your phone, data log and eveything else.
Currently the OBDII is only compatible with Androids and Blackberries.
You can also use the same Connector on more than one vehicle.  The Connector doesn't keep past data once its detached so you can use it on your other vehicles or your friend's. Also, the Connector works on vehicles built in 1996 or after - even non-MINIs and -BMWs.
Make It an Unobtrusive Decive
For an additional $20, we'll give you the Right Angle Cable.  This allows you to put the OBDII Connector in a more convenient location: behind the kick panel opposed to the foot well.  Using this 2-foot cable to relocate the OBDII will make your OBDII both effective and safe.
Maximize Its Potential With the Torque App!
The Torque app is the single best, and most popular, OBDII app for MINI and BMWs on the market.  You can get it for $5 and do more than you've ever dreamed ...
  • View live engine data
  • Customize dashboard screens, layouts, dials and themes
  • View fault descriptions using built-in databases
  • Upload live data to your webserver
  • Check vehicle performance including bhp, torque, 0-60 and quarter mile times.

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