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What is coding?

Automotive manufactures have different markets they must cater to and because of this, many features in a vehicle are integrated for universal use. However, depending on the market, certain features are enabled or disabled. For example, US regulation calls for amber lighting while headlights are in use. This is illegal in some European countries. Coding is simply the activation or deactivation of factory features.


Unlimited Coding: $60 (E-Series) or $80 (F-Series) for all features listed under “Options” below.

Advanced Coding: $100 (E-Series) or $120 (F-Series) for all features listed under “Options” as well as “Advanced Options” below.


All Exx, Rxx, and Fxx BMWs and Mini Coopers upto January 2016 build dates. Your build date can be found on the black sticker, on the bottom of the driver's side B pillar or on the door where it meets the B pillar. It can also be found at the exterior, bottom, driver's corner of the windsheild. 


Below is a list of the most popular coding options. Some options are chassis specific and cannot be altered on all models. If you do not see an option you would like coded in the list below, please don't hesitate to ask! We can most likely code it for you!

*Seat Belt Reminder Gongs – Disable the sound that alerts you to fasten your seat belt

“Key in” Gong – Disables the sound when the key is left in the fob slot

*Remote Windows Operation – Enable remote windows operation via the keyfob for all windows and sunroof

Remote Folding Mirrors – Enable folding mirrors via the key fob

Auto Unlock – Enable door unlock after shutting the engine off

One Touch Windows Operation (with door open) – Enable one touch windows operation when the door is open

*iDrive Disclaimer Removal – Disables the disclaimer reminder that appears on the iDrive screen

*Side Marker Delete (Amber Delete) – Disables the amber light in the corner of the headlight in both parking and driving light modes

Additional Welcome Light Activation – Additional lights such as fogs or high beams can be activated as welcome lighting

*Euro Hazards – Hazard lights double blink. Most models can be coded for this feature however certain models must be forced to accept this feature. This can be done for an additional fee.

*Fog Lights Remain on with High Beams – Fog lights can be set to remain on with high beam operation

Angel Eyes as DRL – on 2007+ E9x models, angel eyes can be set to operate as DRLs (Daytime Running Lights)

Rear Fogs with Braking – US spec models utilize the fog lights as a Brake Force Display. They illuminate with sudden, aggressive braking. The fogs can be set to operate with all other normal brake lights

Angel Eye Dimming – Disables angel eyes from dimming with headlight operation

Digital Speedometer – Activation of digital speed display in the instrument cluster (Normally found in M models)

Instantaneous MPG – Activation of instantaneous miles per gallon estimation in the instrument cluster

Always on Cluster Lighting – Enables instrument cluster back lighting whenever the ignition is on

M3 Fuel Warning– Low fuel alert adjusted from ¼ to 1/8 tank

Windshield Wipers return to Park Position – Windshield wipers return to their parked position, even after switching the ignition off

Bulb Check System Removal - Removes the bulb check system for various lighting fixtures. Prevents “strobing” or “flashing” caused by aftermarket LED bulbs.

HUD Turn Signal - Activates turn signal indicators in the Heads-Up-Display

TPMS Pressure and Temperature - Displays tire pressure and temperature in iDrive TPMS menu

Auto Start Stop Memory (Fxx only) - Allows the car to remember the last A.S.S. setting

Remote Close Trunk Lid (Fxx only) - For models with a powered trunk lid, this fearues allows you to remote close the trunk lid via the lock button

Advanced Options:

*DVD in Motion: Enable DVD video playback while the vehicle is in motion

Retrofitting: Integration of various OEM modules and parts such as LED Taillights, Satellite Radio, Bluetooth, Alarm, etc.

Alpina B3 Auto Transmission Flash for x35 models: Performance software for x35 automatic transmissions that alters shift points and raises the redline. In DS and S modes, shifts are smoother and more quick with shift points raised. In D mode, the software shifts earlier and increases fuel economy

Euro MDM: Enables the European version of M Dynamic Mode. Increases drift angle and wheel spin tolerances when cornering before stability or traction control systems intervene.

Disabling of malfunctioning systems: Disables malfunctioning systems such as EDC, AHL, PDC, etc.

*Coding for Race Seats: Removes airbag lights are faults

Custom Coding: Coding custom values such as raising voltage, adjusting activation times, etc


Will coding void my factory warranty?

   It should not. However, this is left to the warranting dealer's discretion. These changes are not “hacking” the vehicle and forcing it to do something it was not designed to do. We are simply exploiting the full potential of the car. These features are integrated from the factory, but are enabled or disabled depending on the target market.

I don't see an option on the list above that I would like. Can you still code them?

   While we cannot guarantee success in coding the feature you are interested in, we can surely try. In the event we are not able to code the feature in question, a charge will not be assessed.

Will I lose the coding after a dealer visit?

   If the dealer performs a software update, then yes the coding will be lost.

Do you offer remote coding? 

   Unfortunately, at this time we do not.

Is coding reversible?

    Yes it is. However, the car can only be returned to “stock” by us, another coder, or a dealership.

Can you help me get started on coding or setup the software for me? 

   There are many resources online that provide information on proper software setup and coding file integration. Unfortunately, we cannot provide information regarding software setup or any other type of support.

*Options marked with an asterisk are for "off-road" use only! Helix is not to be held responsible for any damage, fines, etc from improper use of these options!

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