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Job Rates

Our shop rate is $95 per hour but many popular modifications and installations are billed at a flat rate. The table shows our flat rate installation prices. Price is for labor only unless otherwise noted (item price and tax will be added).

Job Category Price                            Notes
Mini Cooper Clutch Replacement $950 Differential swap, add $200 labor + parts. Add $200 for All4 models
Quaife Limited Slip Differential Installation (MINI) $1,150 Add $200 for All4 Models
BMW Clutch Replacement (Most BMWs, Rear-Wheel Drive) $760 Add $200 for Most AWD Models
Cold Air Intake Installation (MINI) $95 Free installation when installed at the same time as a supercharger pulley for 1st Gen
Cylinder Head Installation (1st Gen MINI) $570 $950 for Second Gen Mini
DME/ECU Tuner Installation (BMW) $95 Starts at $95. Depending on model, can be upto 3 hours at $95 per hour.
Downpipes Installation (BMW) $285-$380 AWD models typically take longer
FMIC Install (MINI) $190  
FMIC Install (BMW) $190 If cutting is involved, there will be an extra charge depending on what is being cut.
BMW Big Turbo Kit Installation $1,350 For RB or Helix turbo upgrades, E8x/E9x
Supercharger Pulley Installation (MINI) $355 Price includes parts (15% Pulley), labor, and tax (8%). Add $20 for 17% pulleys.
Thermostat (MINI) $190  
Walnut Shell Blasting (MINI & BMW) SPECIAL! $349 For Direct Injected Motors
SUSPENSION/CHASSIS - Prices below do NOT include alignment. An alignment is ALWAYS recommend after doing any suspension work.
Coilovers (MINI) $380  
Coilovers (BMW) $380  Add 1 hour of labor at $95 for E93 3 Series Convertible Models.
Springs (MINI) $285  
Springs and Shocks (MINI) $285  
Front Control Arm Bushings (MINI) $285  
Helix Short Shift Installation (MINI) $95 $47.50 when installed at the same time as exhaust for 1st and 2nd Gen Minis
BMW 135i/335i Short Shift Kit Installation $285  
Rear Sway Bar Installation (MINI) $95 $135 for Cabrio Models
Front  Sway Bar Installation (BMW E9x/E8x) $120  
Rear Sway Bar Installation (BMW E9x/E8x) $285  
Exhaust Installation (MINI) $100 Catback only. $130 for MINI Convertibles. Additional charge if welding
Exhaust Installation (Most BMWs) $190 Catback only. Additional charge if welding
Brake Service (Mini or BMW) $95 Per axle
Oil Change (MINI) Varies Price varies based on market price of parts and model. Please call the shop for a quote.
Oil Change (BMW) Varies Price varies based on market price of parts and model. Please call the shop for a quote.
Brake Fluid Flush $95  

* Prices may vary based on current market value of parts.

Helix Motorsports

At Helix, we are committed to creating, delivering and installing only the highest quality performance and replacement parts for your MINI Cooper and BMW. Every part that we design, develop and install has been tested at our Philadelphia facility, including road datalogging, in-house dynamometer testing, and hands-on shop evaluation. Whether it be engine performance parts such as turbos, intercoolers, intakes, and exhausts, or chassis modifications like suspensions, brakes, control arms and camber plates, we have extensive experience in designing, sourcing, testing and installing them.

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