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MINI Smartphone Mount (Pro Series)

HMS 6002
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Product Description

MINI Cooper Phone Mount with Scissor Technology
The FlexPod smartphone mount for MINI Coopers uses scissor technology to firmly hold any kind of smartphone.  What the scissor design does is expand and contract.  The spring-loaded contraction gives the mount a firm hold on your phone and prohibits it from falling out of place.  Unlike ordinary smartphone mounts that require you to "click" your phone into a stationary case, the FlexPod design just requires you to slip your phone in.  It does all of the rest and allows you to easily remove your phone from its grasp.
Unless you have a custom-made "Goliath" smartphone, the FlexPod will work with your smartphone just fine.  Even if you have a bigger one like a Samsung Galaxy SIII.  Here are a few other smartphone models this MINI Cooper phone holder welcomes:
  • iPhone 3, 4, 5
  • HTC One S
  • Motorola Droid X
  • Motoroal Droid RAZR (M)
  • LG Optimus
  • and much more...
You can also keep your favorite case on your phone (even an Otterbox) and the FlexPod will still accomodate it.  Because of its universal design, it's able to hold smartphones of all different shapes and sizes.  Though, it does work best with phones that are 55-75 mm wide.
View Your Phone Vertically, Horizontally, or Diagonally
The Pro Series is fully rotatable.  For instance, if you are using your GPS and need a horizontal view for easy navigation, simply turn your phone 90 degrees and the Flexpod will move with it.  Unlike the fixed-place version, you don't have to remove your phone from the mount to view it from a different angle.  This is the key feature that sets the Pro Series apart from the fixed (a.k.a. Fixie) series.  
Install it Quickly and Easily
Nothing hard here.  What's great about the FlexPod MINI Cooper phone holder is that anyone can install it.  Installation doesn't require any drilling and the mount uses existing holes in your MINI.  The process is also 100% reversible.  If you need to temporarily remove the holder, it's no big deal.  Just reverse the steps you followed for installation and, when the time comes, put it back in just like you did the first time.  
The FlexPod mount comes with all necessary components for installation including:
  • Swivel Cradle
  • Washers, Screws, Bolts and Spacers
  • Hidden Wiring Kit
Conceal Your Smartphone Charger!
hidden-wiring-kit.jpgThe hidden wiring kit allows you to connect your charger to your phone while it's in the cradle without cords getting in the way.  It also gives you an extra 12v charging socket in case your friend needs to charge their phone or you need to charge another device of your own.  This is a new addition to FlexPod products that hides wiring in the middle compartment and give you direct access to your phone charger.  Just one more thing that makes the FlexPod setup incredibly convenient and user-friendly.
Installation Instructions

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