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MINI Strut Alignment Reinforcement System

HMS 2900
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Product Description

Better than a MINI Cooper Strut Bar
Many MINI enthusiasts speak of strut bars and how great they are for evenly distributing shock across struts.  While strut bars have their benefits (and make your engine bay look cool), there's something better on the MINI Cooper aftermarket that combines the power of the bar with shock distributors.  You may know these shock distributors as the one and only Strut Top Defenders by Craven Speed.
Combining the power of the bar and the defenders, Craven Speed has created a special system to preserve your strut tops, minimize flex in corners, and improve handling.  Because of its strut-saving characteristics, the money you pay for the Reinforcement System ends up paying off in the long run.  
MINIs are famous for getting mushroomed struts that cost more money to fix than to prevent.  With the Reinforcement System, you can prevent mushrooming.  Plus you can spike the appeal of your engine bay at the same time.  The Reinforcement System is a very special item that many MINI owners don't have.  With this strut brace-defender combo, you'll have that one thing that makes your MINI stand apart from the rest.  
When you pop your hood, people will stare.  When you hit a pothole, your struts will smile (because now, they're working together.)
Solid Construction, Easy Installation
Think of the strongest antonym for brittle ... strong, sturdy, tough, resilient.  These are the words that accurately describe the MINI Cooper Strut Bar and Defender Sytem by Craven Speed.
First, take the bar.  It's a two-piece design made out of solid, 1/2-inch thick billet aluminum.  It holds true under the most extreme conditions and its two-piece design allows you to adjust bar tension to your specifications.
Second, the strut defenders.  MINI drivers are always asking for these at the Helix shop.  They're proven to prevent mushrooming and maintain the integrity of your MINI's upper suspension.  Combined with the bar, they create a system that's as powerful as it looks after installed.
As for the icing on the cake, the system comes with full installation instructions and can be secured to your struts in less than 30 minutes.
Installation Instructions

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