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The Dyno

If you want to acquire accurate readings of your engine's power output, visit Helix's dyno test facility in Philadelphia.  For non-Philly dwellers with a palate for power, the shop with the dyamometer and dyno testing equipment is only a short drive for car enthusiasts living in New York City, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.  The shop is equipped with a Mustang MD-250 two-wheel eddy current dyno that's capable of measuring up to 750 wheel-HP.

Features of a our Mustang MD-250 Dyno:

  • NEW! Fully integrated weather station that measures barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity in real time
  • Wide Band O2 meter

What is the dynamometer designed for?

  • Testing product HP claims.
  • Measuring HP and torque over the entire RPM range.
  • Graphing baseline performance against upgraded performance.

After a series of dyno tests are performed on your vehicle, you'll receive a printed sheet with an "HP vs. Torque" graph and your numbers.  Keep it for your records, post in on forums, rub it in foes' faces, and have documented proof of your vehicle's power potential.

Dyno rates are $140/hour and group rates are avaiable.

Please contact us to discuss group buy rates. We can be reach via email at sales@helix13.com, via phone at 267-335-4337, or via our contact us form, HERE

If you have any questions about the proper use of dynamometers in tuning shops, please contact Helix at 267-335-4337.

Helix Motorsports

Welcome to Helix13, your home for MINI Cooper and BMW service, maintenance, performance and lifestyle. We serve the enthusiast from our headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, with everything from routine maintenance, to major repairs, performance upgrades and dyno consulting. Whether you are looking to keep your daily driver in perfect condition, or you want to build a street/track monster, we provide the expertise to achieve your goals. We also design and produce a line of dynamomoeter-proven performance products with real-world power and porformance gains. To learn more, or set an appointment at our Philadelphia headquarters, don't hesitate to give us a call at 267-335-4337.

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