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Tug View - Tow Hook + GoPro Mount for Mini Cooper

Limited colors available until new design is released. Please call or email us to order.
HMS 5014

Product Description

New design coming! There are only limited quantities of the current design left. Please call or email us for more info or to place an order. We can be reached at 267-335-4337 or sales@helix13.com

The Tug View delivers the pulling capacity of the Tug tow hook with a built-in vibration free mount for some GoPro camera action. Record your on track awesomeness with the insurance of a tow hook on your car to boot. The Tug View will work on '02-'13 Mini Coopers.

This kit includes the Universal Tug View and the Mini Cooper Specific Tug Shaft Adapter.

Learn more about Raceseng's Tug System here.

The Tug View is not intended for all towing situations, it can only be used in a straight pull with no angle or side pulling. Doing so can result in damage to the Tug View or the vehicle. If the vehicle is in an unfavorable situation, please use the OEM tow hook.

This is the Tug View ring without a Tug shaft!

The Tug View is a lightweight, fully functional, track-ready tow hook and GoPro mount. Form and function come together to create a stylish tow hook and GoPro camera mount with tons of pulling capacity.


The Tug View will capture every moment on the road or track with a worms eye view. 


The Tug View has an internal spring loaded ball detent system which allows the ring to firmly stay in a horizontal or vertical position. With a simple push, the tow hook smoothly rotates and automatically snaps into position.


We've meticulously refined how our parts are anodized to create brilliant and rich colors. To maintain your tow hook color, it is best to keep it out of direct sunlight or UV rays. If exposed to constant UV rays, the tow hook ring will fade. Our Apex R logo is post machined, not laser engraved or pad printed, because its what we do best.



We strive to keep our product design clean and simple. After looking at the rest of the market, we decided to eliminate the jam nut which sets the orientation of the tow hook. To solve this, we thread a simple set screw into the tow hook shaft and let the tow hook ring adapter time out on the set screw. To change the orientation of the tow hook, simply turn the set screw clockwise or counter-clockwise.


Clamping pressure is achieved through our unique clamping knob. The knob is threaded into a stainless bolt which is held in place by the Tug View mount. The bolt and knob compress on the ears of the GoPro case. Hand-tightening is all you need to achieve a steady shot!



The complete Tug View weighs a minimal .70 lbs! We achieved this by cnc machining the tow hook ring, ring adapter and shaft from 7075 T6 aluminum. The billet aluminum creates a super lightweight structure that is strong enough to drag the car on asphalt with the e-brake on full lock!

Product longevity is of our utmost concern. We machine the tow hook ring shaft from 303 stainless steel which is rust and corrosion resistance. All of the other tow hook ring components including hardware, spring and spherical ball are stainless steel, ensuring this product will last!



The Tug View tow hook ring was specifically designed to have a 2" inner diameter opening. This is the minimum tow hook opening allowed by most tracks across the country.


We do not overlook aesthetics, we thrive on them. Each component of the Tug View is meticulously scrutinized. From the smallest detail to the overall form. The end result is a product that looks as good as it functions!



Our products are designed in house, this allows us to create products like nothing you've ever seen or experienced. Our goal is to deliver products with a resounding sense of authenticity, where form and function fuel each other. We invest absolute faith in our design initiatives, that will never change.

Our products are manufactured entirely in house. "Proudly made in the USA" may sound a bit cliche but that mantra is an integral part of the culture at Raceseng. Our joy lives in the process of crafting performance products. The Raceseng way is not about making as much money on every product as possible, its about having complete control over our products destiny and detail.




Helix Motorsports

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